Britain's Largest Horticultural Auction
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Horticultural Supplies

We have in stock a comprehensive range of horticultural products, for the commercial grower and the discerning gardener. Our opening hours are 7.30-4.30pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Compost, Peat, Fertiliser
  • Pots, Packaging materials, Boxes
  • Nets, Ground Cover, Bubble wrap, Canes
  • Sleeves, Wraps, Bags, Rubber Bands, Tape
  • Lawn Care Products, Plant care products
  • Garden Forks and Spades, Garden Tools, Wheelbarrows
  • Hanging baskets, Liners, Tubs, Troughs, Coloured pots
  • Flat and raised Wreath Frames, Chaplets, Crosses


Contact Us – Horticulture

Please use the form below to get in touch or alternatively call Adrian Glover or Helen Buffham on 01775 724444 or email

Seasonal Products

We have a comprehensive range of composts and peat together with pots of all sizes and colours ready for the early planting of bulbs .  For all your requirements please contact us on the number below.

Horticultural Supplies